100% Pure Organic Fuji Apple Body Scrub Review

My review of 100% Pure Organic Fuji Apple Body Scrub :

Pure Organic Body Scrub review

I go through body scrubs pretty quickly, since I use generous amounts everywhere. I’m serious – I try to hit every inch of skin below the neck when I scrub. Gotta get every part as smooth as possible, right? My jar of 100% Pure Organic Fuji Apple Body Scrub’s almost halfway gone as a result (I used it twice – then again I got a smaller jar) but I find that a good thing! It just gives me more opportunities to try out the other scents!

Speaking of scents, this one is VERY good. After opening the jar, I took a whiff, and it smells like sour apply candy. Now, I personally love that stuff – I grew up chomping on Trolli Apple-Os, so this was a pleasant surprise. Do organic Fuji apples really smell like that? The ones I’ve eaten didn’t, but who cares – it’s such a sweet apple-y scent that it doesn’t matter! I bought it and then didn’t use it for almost 4 days after, so when I opened it there was a bit of oil on top of the scrub itself. Some mixing with my fingers deftly solved that issue. You could also use a spoon. I only had to do this once, though some reported having to mix it each time.

The texture’s very fine, yet coarse enough to give your skin a good exfoliation. Just like actual sugar crystals. You can see how it looks after mixing the sugar with the oils and scooping it up above. This, combined with it’s all natural ingredients, should be great for those with sensitive skin too (just use a light touch). I use a rougher touch and prefer coarse scrubs in general, but this one does the job very well anyway.

Because it’s oil-based, it leaves your skin soft and well-moisturized after rinsing. There’s that now familiar softening layer of hydration again! I’m learning to love it – I NEVER had that experience with the old conventional scrubs in the past.  Be careful though, because after you rinse, the bottom of your tub may get a little slippery due to the oils. My heel slipped a little when I stepped to rinse, but I caught myself. Just be extra cautious and you’ll be fine.

Like most oil-based products, you probably won’t need extra lotion or cream after using this. I always opt to use it anyway, and after the shower I topped off my now super soft skin with 100% Pure body cream (review on that soon). I used this 3 times a week, but you can get away with using it less often.

Organic Fuji Apple’s a great scent, but I’m going to try another to see if I like it more. I still like the skinnyskinny coffee scrub better, but it’s only because of it’s coffee scent and coarser texture. 100% Pure’s body scrub still meets all of my requirements, and as such gains a perfect score! (Just don’t slip in the shower!)

Ingredients: Organic Cabernet Grapeseed Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil, Evaporated Cane Juice, Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Pure Apple Aroma, Organic Lavender Honey, Extracts of Grapefruit Seed, Green Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Blackberry, Cranberry and Rosemary

USDA Certified Organic?:  No

Average Price: $25.00 for 15 oz

Additional Notes: Smells fantastic, fine sugar crystals, oil-based and leaves skin very moisturized – may not need extra cream or lotion afterward. May leave your tub a little slippery.

Buy at: Chocolate Lotus (on sale)

Rating: ★★★★★

I bought this product with my own money, and did not get paid by the company to do this review. 

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