15 Easy DIY Teeth Treatment Tips

DIY Teeth Treatment Tips

These days a trip to the dentist, for even just a checkup, can easily set you back $200. Due to the high cost, there’s an increasing demand for do-it-yourself, at-home remedies. Here’s a look at some helpful things you can do on your own to help alleviate tooth aches, whiten your teeth, and more.

Alleviate Tooth Aches:

ο Rinse your mouth with room temperature water and floss your teeth; this will help remove any food stuck in your teeth that may be causing you pain.

ο Soak a cotton swap in clove oil and apply it to where your aches are stemming from – clove is known as a natural pain reliever. Similarly calendula is known to have pain-numbing properties so you could also swish a cotton swap in some calendula oil and place it on the affected area.

ο Alcohol can also help numb pain. Take a shot of alcohol (think whiskey), and keep it in your mouth for about a minute.

ο Arnica-based muscle relievers and the likes can also be very helpful. Place a small amount of the muscle soothing cream or gel on your face around where the toothache is occurring.

ο Interestingly studies have shown that if you massage your hands with an ice cube – for five minutes between your thumb and forefinger – it can reduce toothaches by up to 50 percent. The reasoning, according to Livestrong, is that the action blocks pain impulses from traveling through the nerves to your tooth.

ο The tannins in tea are very powerful so a great thing to do is to place a warm, wet tea bag on the gum line of the aching tooth, this will not only help with pain, but also swelling.

ο Make sure you are getting enough calcium and magnesium if you are suffering from toothaches.


Whiten Teeth:

ο Avoid alcohol, soda, coffee, berries, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, and tea, and instead opt for tooth whitening foods and drinks including apples, broccoli, celery, carrots, and spinach.

ο Use toothpaste formulated with baking soda or peroxide.

ο Avoid tobacco.


Strengthen Teeth:

ο Eat cheese and other calcium-rich foods and drinks as they will support strong teeth.

ο Similarly Vitamin D is crucial for not only calcium to be absorbed but to help build and maintain healthy, strong teeth. You can get it naturally via sunlight or in vegetables and milk.

ο Dark chocolate – at least 70 percent cacao – has a compound that helps strengthen teeth.

ο Eat foods that require lots of chewing as this will help maintain tooth density.

ο Eat lots of leafy greens and citrus fruits, which are known for being high in Vitamin K, crucial for strengthening tooth enamel.

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