February Glossybox review

MY February Glossybox

 February Glossybox
Just in time getting my February Glossybox review in before the much-anticipated Harrods box adds a little extra sparkle to spring! (Devastatingly, I have had to go cold turkey on beauty boxes in a desperate attempt to make the student loan last; I shall read the reviews with intense longing and desire.)
Unfortunately, I haven’t exactly left Glossybox on a high note: I was fairly underwhelmed by the February variety. While there were a couple of good products, there was nothing that I had a burning desire to try and, again, the make-up shades disappointed!

1. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing BalmPaul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm

 I’m a big fan of Paul Mitchell products: the fragrance is fantastic and in my experience the products really do work: I’d particularly recommend the Freeze and Shine Super Spray. However, in spite of the beauty profiles, I received a product with ‘Super Skinny’ in the title. Now, I already have super skinny hair; I need no help in this domain! A nourishing, frizz-fighting (again, unneeded) product that also claims to reduce drying time, this would be perfect for thick, dry, wavy hair (as opposed to flimsy, flyaway, dead straight hair).
Nevertheless, I gave it a go for your benefit… and remained unexcited. It smells lovely, but at £15.25 I don’t think it’s worth the price tag. KMS California’s Free Shape does the same thing more effectively, and at a lower cost!
2. Dr Bronner Lavender Hand Sanitizer. Dr Bronner Lavender Hand Sanitizer
I was quite pleased to receive this full-sized product: it’s a bit of a luxury, and I really like the more classic packaging that so many organic brands opt for. I did, however, find it slightly odd that Glossybox included an American product (no wonder I’d never heard of the brand before). This means that, if you want to buy another, you’ll be paying international delivery for an item that costs $3.99 – hardly an accessible product, and one which you could easily find the equivalent for in the UK.
As far as the product itself goes, I do like the lavender scent as it’s quite relaxing, but it would completely overpower any perfume or fragrance you were already wearing. The sanitizing properties are not entirely up to scratch, either. My hands weren’t left feeling particularly fresh and clean; in fact, they were a little greasy and the product takes a while to work into the hands.
I’m slightly 50/50 about this one, but wouldn’t repurchase even if it was available in the UK.
3. Como Shambhala Invigorate Shower GelComo Shambhala Invigorate Shower Gel
Bali-based brand Como Shambhala comes with all sorts of Zen tags: the words holistic, wellness and yoga are thrown about all over the place on their site. This is actually my kind of brand, and I always find these little shower samples quite useful for travel purposes.
The shower gel contains revitalizing ingredients such as peppermint and eucalyptus, which really come through in its herbal, Aveda-esque fragrance. I wouldn’t spend the full £20 on this, but will enjoy the product as a bit of a treat on a weekend away.
4. BM Beauty Pure Mineral EyeshadowBM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow
Mineral colour cosmetics generally get a big tick from me, so I should have been thrilled to receive a half-size sample of BM Beauty’s eyeshadow, worth £3.50. Unfortunately, while Glossybox subscribers the nation over were receiving pretty pinks, I was stuck with the purply-blue Wolf Howl shade. My 11-year-old self would have loved this; the 20-year-old version realises that this is a crime against beauty on my pale skin and green eyes.
I won’t go on; rest assured this was another thumbs down, added to my ever-increasing collection of blue beauty box eye make-up.
5. DuWop Venom GlossDuWop Venom Gloss

Finally, a product I was excited to receive! While the ‘Venom tingle’ doesn’t really get me going, it is quite a nice sensation. The gloss came in the lovely champagne shade, ‘Buttercup’, which is incredibly pretty and versatile: it complements both a natural look and a strong, smoky eye.

Retailing at £16, this is also a product that I would never normally have tried. Its added beeswax, avocado and other nourishing ingredients really deliver: my lips felt nicely cushioned and protected while wearing this gloss. I’ll definitely be using this until it runs out.
The Verdict: 2/5
Unfortunately, this wasn’t the box for me, and I ended up suffering from product envy towards those who received the gorgeous Becca Beach Tint! My student budget just can’t accommodate these boxes at the moment, particularly when they’re so hit-and-miss, so I’ll be taking a little break. Hopefully I can return to beauty box heaven in the future – I’ve set my sights on the Joliebox, already!
Looking forward to your Harrods reviews, beauty box lovers!

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