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Investing in eyelashesfalse eyelashes

A friend keeps trying to convince me to invest in semi-permanent false eyelashes, the kind that are applied at a beauty salon. These lashes are supposed to look very natural, but I wonder how good they really are. Can you tell me what to expect if I go ahead and have these lashes applied?amazing eyelashes

Besides being expensive, semi-permanent false eyelashes will probably not last as long as implied and can cause trouble medically. If surgical adhesive is used to attach the lashes (they’re glued to your own eyelashes), there shouldn’t be a problem. Sometimes, however, epoxy glue is used because of its greater holding power, but epoxy glue is much too strong and dangerous to be used in the eye area. As the false lashes become unglued – they shouldn’t be expected to last more than a week or two – they will likely take some of your own lashes with them, and the missing false lashes will, of course, have to be replaced – at an additional cost. A final word of caution: semi-permanent lashes should never be worn by contact lens wearers. Fallen false eyelashes lodged beneath a contact lens can produce severe irritation – even corneal abrasion. An epoxy glue, if used, can get on the lens and damage the surface.

My bleached hair has very dry ends, but my scalp is extremely oily, so I have to shampoo every day. How often should I use a conditioner? It sounds as if you should condition the ends of your hair every day when you shampoo, but seldom – if ever – put the conditioner on the roots. Pour a small amount of conditioner into the palm of your hand and apply it to the bottom half of your hair. After a few days you should have a good idea of how far up the hair you need to apply the conditioner.

What special benefits do ingredients such as mink oil and turtle oil provide when they are added to cosmetics? The application of oil to the skin helps relieve dryness and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles because oil helps minimize the evaporation of moisture from the skin. By smoothing the surface scale of excessively dry skin, oil also helps make the skin look and feel softer. However, there is no proof that mink or turtle oil are superior to oils such as mineral oil commonly used in cosmetic preparations. The only apparent reason to include these exotic ingredients in cosmetics is to make good advertising copy.

My upper front teeth protrude a little and I have often considered having them straightened. The problem is, I don’t want to start wearing braces at my age. Is there an alternative to braces for adults? If your teeth protrude slightly and you aren’t ready for a “wired” smile, a dentist can actually cut off your protruding teeth near the gumline and replace them with caps that will be perfectly aligned. Needless to say, capping takes considerably less time than bracing. Consult your dentist about using this method as an alternative.

When I sleep on my hair it flattens out, so I end up shampooing every morning just so my hair will be full and thick-looking again. My hair is fine and few inches past my shoulders. Is there any way I can keep my hair from going flat, without resorting to sleeping in rollers? Before retiring, mist your hair with water until it’s slightly damp all over, then weave it into one thick braid. When you take out the braid the following morning, your hair will fall in full, loose waves.

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