L’Occitane ‘Thé Vert’ Green Tea Solid Perfume review

L’Occitane ‘Thé Vert’ Green Tea Solid Perfume :L'Occitane 'Thé Vert' Green Tea Solid Perfume

I’d seen a post about green tea-scented perfumes over at Cityscape Bliss whilst on the search for a new spring scent. I’m not really a fan of mega-florals, but wanted something summery and feminine, so thought that this could be worth a go!

A couple of months ago, I popped down to L’Occitane in town and tried out a bit of this product on my wrists. At first scent, it’s quite heady and sharp, so I decided to mosey around the shops before I made my decision.

Within about an hour, the perfume was smelling divine. It manages to be quite sumptuous yet fresh and light at the same time, with a very ‘clean’ feel to it. I felt uplifted and just could not stop sniffing!

Needless to say, I headed back to the store and picked this up for £7.50, which is pretty good for a solid perfume from such a great brand. I’ve barely made a dent two months on (although admittedly I don’t wear this everyday), so for me it’s great value for money.

The waxy feeling does stay on the wrists somewhat, but personally I found it quite nourishing, and the scent lasts for about 5-6 hours. The great thing about solid perfume is that it’s so easy to chuck in your bag, so I can touch up throughout the day!

I’d seriously recommend green tea fragrances if you’re looking for a summer perfume with a unique yet feminine touch – can’t speak highly enough of ’em.

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