Lynx Attract for Her Review

Lynx Attract for Her

I was lucky enough to win the new Lynx Attract thanks to Sarah’s giveaway over at I Am Fabulicious!

 Lynx Attract for Her Review
The market leaders in helping men with their animal magnetism launched a women’s counterpart spray in February of this year. It is said to ‘perfectly compliment’ the men’s version with ‘succulent fruit’ fragrances, as well as some feminine floral notes to make us truly irresistible. Saucy.
I have been wearing this all day, and I have to say it’s quite an Impulse-esque scent (i.e. lacking considerably in sophistication, and probably more suitable for the younger teen group. However, if youare a fan of Impulse as I once was, Boots is running a 2-for-1 offer at the moment).
On the plus side, I can still smell myself… and I mean this in a good way! I had wondered whether the women’s scent would match up to the staying power of the men’s due to hormones and so on, but it really does. I’m wafting fruity florals around wherever I go, which is kind of the point if I am to attract fellow Lynx-wearing hunks. The deodorant aspect is effective as well, you’ll be pleased to know. No Sweaty Betties typing away at this blog!
Overall, this is a fun, fruity scent and a fun all-round idea, as well. I also find the packaging pretty but edgy, and I weirdly like being able to say that I own a can of Lynx!  I’ll keep a tally of the number of men dropping at my feet and let you know how I get on.
Lynx Attract is currently retailing at £2.99 at Boots – you can become as irresistible as I am at a bargainous price.

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