Vitality Show London

Last week I won tickets for the Vitality Show through KMS California’s competition, as well as a little hair goody bag from the brand! My lovely housemate Lauren (have a lookie at her new blog here) and I skipped along to the show/got up at half 6 and clawed at the nearest Starbucks to get us through the day.
Vitality Show 2012, Earls Court ***Pic by David McHugh 07768 721637***

After trying tons of free samples (especially food… hey, student budget), picking up some great tips from Channel 4 The Food Hospital dietician Lucy Jones, and treating ourselves to a couple of products, we pretended we were rich for a bit by swanning around/gawping at Harrods and having peppermint tea on Brompton Road. To top it all off, the sun was shining all day! Super wholesome.

Read on to find out what I bought, what has made my wish list, and my best beauty tips picked up from the show. Oh, and there’s free chocolate in it for you, as well…

What I bought…
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Clockwise from top left…

1. Lull ‘relaxation’ drink with lavender – full of antioxidants and soothing herbs from chamomile to fennel, for 50p this was a miniature godsend on the boiling bus ride home – and only 43 calories per bottle!
2. Linwoods milled flaxseeds, cocoa and berries – after learning from the Activia Health & Nutrition stage that we may need to bump up omega-3 levels, Lauren and I purchased some flaxseeds for just £2.50 per packet (RRP £5.79). Just 2 tablespoons will sort you out for the day – I had ’em on my muesli this morning. Not massively flavoursome, but I felt nice and nurtured.
3. Green People Pressed Mineral Powder in Honey – this was selling for a show price of £16 (as opposed to £20.45). With all-organic ingredients and a hard-to-find matte mineral finish, as well as being in a handy compact, I thought I’d give this a go – I’ll pop a review up in a week or so and let you know how I got on!
4. Konjac Sponge Puff with added French green clay – now this is an exciting product. Take note! It’s deep-cleansing and exfoliating, and the added clay absorbs any excess oil. The special part is that this doesn’t feel like it’s exfoliating, but provides all the effects of a good scrub – for someone like me with reactive skin, this is an absolute dream product! It lasts for up to 3 months, so for £5.99 not only is it a bargain buy, but also a product that seriously delivers.
5. OhSo probiotic chocolate – chocolate that is undeniably good for you! I didn’t actually buy this on the day, but popped over to the website where they were selling 7 bars half price for £2, with free first class delivery (normally £3.99 and only available at Harvey Nichs)! They are lactose-free, just 72 calories(!), and 3 times more effective than probiotic yoghurt drinks! FREEBIE ALERT: get yourself a free pack with my ‘spread-the-word’ code TRYOHSO.
What’s on my wish list…
1. Rubis chocolate wine. Yes, that’s chocolate and wine combined in one delicious, 15% bottle of joy.
2. Proper Corn – available in 4 delicious flavours, and under 100 calories per hefty pack. Available to buy at  Planet Organic.
3. Bomb Cosmetics Body Buff Whipped Shea Body Butter – takes you through amazing scents from zingy pineapple and orange to caramel and vanilla. Okay, yes, I wanted to eat it.
4. Tropic Skincare Body Smooth – a slightly mental assistant got us to exfoliate our mitts with this. It smelt incredible, felt incredible, and I swear my hands have never been so smooth. For a moisturiser addict, that’s quite a claim!
Top 3 tips from the show…
1. Try a herb called agnus castus for period pains – helps to balance your hormones and reduce inflammation, in one all-natural product. Visit Marilyn Glenville’s comprehensive website for more information – her talk was fantastic.
2. Dry brush your way to a better bod – Top Santé beauty editor Fiona Embleton swears by this method for improving circulation, exfoliating the skin and toning up. I’ll be getting myself down to Boots tomorrow for this multitasking tool. For a great little guide to the perfect technique, click here
3. Make sure that you’re drinking the best water possible. We tried some ionized water, and it tastedamazing. I know that sounds weird, but it honestly tasted completely pure! With a much higher oxygen content and no nasties, this improves circulation and is apparently a bit of a youth elixir. Proper machines start from £1000 – eek! – but Waterman provides a cheaper and portable alternative at £39.95. Otherwise, grab yourself a Brita filter to eliminate as many unwanted elements as possible.
I hope you’ve enjoyed my little health heroes and are making use of the free choccy code as we speak! Stay healthy, kids.

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