WRINKLE CREAMS – Do these products really remove wrinkles?


Lately I’ve considered purchasing a wrinkle cream or stick, since the crepy skin around my eyes makes it difficult to get a smooth effect using eye shadow. Do these products really remove wrinkles?

Since no cosmetic preparation can remove wrinkles permanently, a wrinkle cream or stick will only make the wrinkles around your eyes look better temporarily – first, by lubricating the skin with oil; second, by causing a slight irritation. This irritation makes wrinkles appear softer and less visible by causing the skin to swell just enough to fill out fine lines.

To achieve the same effect at less than half the cost of a brand-name wrinkle cream, try using Preparation H around your eye area. This is a trick often used by models and makeup artists when faced with the problem of applying eye makeup to crepy skin. As with brand-name wrinkle removers, the effect, though dramatic, is only temporary, and, while I would not recommend using it on a regular basis, you might consider it for occasions when you really want to look your best.

Of course, you should also be concerned with preventing the wrinkles around your eyes from becoming any worse. Because there are fewer glands around the eyes than elsewhere on your face, be sure to moisturize well day and night with a cream containing emollients; such creams lubricate as well as trap moisture in your skin, preventing it from becoming dehydrated. I’ve heard that vitamin therapy helps prevent the skin from aging prematurely. Can you tell me which vitamins have a beneficial effect on the skin in this way? Vitamins A, B complex, C, E, and the mineral zinc, all play important roles in maintaining skin’s youthfulness, and may have rejuvenative powers as well. The beneficial effects of these five on skin are listed below: Vitamin A, necessary in maintaining a healthy complexion, strengthens cell walls; Vitamin B complex (B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6, B-12), generates cell life; Vitamin C makes skin firmer and smoother by building collagen, which supports the skin, also maintains the elastic quality of the skin; Vitamin E promotes rapid healing, eliminates scarring, prolongs cell life; Zinc strengthens and preserves collagen, helps prevent stretch marks. I have a wide, square face, and would like to know which hairstyles could distract from the full-ness.

The length that would look best on you would be longer than chin- length, but not longer than shoulder-length. Slight layering around your face would be soft and flattering, and would nicely balance the squareness of your jaw. If you want bangs, they too should be soft and layered; thick, heavy, bangs emphasize a wide face. My eyebrows are sparse and thin. How can I pencil in a natural-looking brow line? First, I suggest you use compressed powder applied with a stiff, slant- edged brush, rather than an eyebrow pencil; pencils are difficult to blend, and often don’t give as natural a look as powder.

Looking closely in the mirror, brush brows into shape by brushing up and out, then apply in short, light, feathery strokes, from directly above the inside corner of your eye, to just beyond the outside corner. Always be sure to stroke color on from the underside of the brow; it is easier to control the shape this way. To soften the look and remove excess powder, finish by brushing brows in the same direction as you applied color. My lipstick always wears off within an hour of putting it on.

What can I do to make it last longer?

Your lipstick may be wearing off quickly because it has nothing to adhere to or it is too glossy. If your problem is the former, apply foundation to your lips, then dust lightly with loose powder before applying lip color. If your difficulty is the latter, switch to a lipstick with a moist, matte finish. In either case, outline your lips with a lip pencil a shade darker than your lipstick before filling in color with a lipbrush, making sure to blend the two well so the outline is not obvious. My ears stick out, making it impossible to wear my hair short. Is there anything I can do at age 34 to have this corrected? Otoplasty – cosmetic ear surgery – is made necessary when the wall of cartilage between the ear and the head is thicker than usual.

This can be done at any time after the age of 5, when the ears reach their full size. Adults are usually given medication for sedation a few hours before being given local anesthetic, and surgery may take from one to two hours. During the operation, small incisions are made behind each ear, the excess cartilage is removed, and the skin tightened and stitched. Following surgery, the ears are bandaged flat against the head and left to heal for about two weeks, during which time the bandage remains in place. It may take two to three months for the ears to assume their permanent position, since swelling must go down, and the cartilage must settle in its new location. However, the ears look quite normal and much improved when bandages are removed two weeks after surgery. The resulting scars are well hidden in the fold behind the ears, though they will fade in time anyway, eventually becoming invisible. What can I do with an array of beautiful, empty perfume bottles that I can’t bring myself to throw away? Place them, with their tops off, in drawers of lingerie, nightgowns and stockings; the scents will permeate your underthings, and last for months.

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