Bleaching cream for dark eye circles


Although I am only 25 I have very dark circles underneath my eyes. The fact that I have very fair skin only serves to create a contrast, making the circles seem even darker. While I am aware that under-eye circles are usually hereditary (which is at least partly the cause in my case), I would like to know if there is anything that can be done surgically to remove them.

Dark circles are a very common problem, even in women as young as yourself. When the numerous veins under the skin become dilated, the skin becomes darkened giving a haggard appearance. Thin skin makes these dilated blood vessels more visible, so under-eye circles seem darker than surrounding skin. Because it drains the face of color, fatigue accentuates this effect, as do sinus conditions, allergies and, of course, heredity.

Dark rings cannot be treated surgically though physicians do exist who attempt to produce depigmentation with chemical peels and cryosurgery, both of which destroy the upper layers of skin so that a crust is formed. When the crust falls off it is hoped that the “new” skin will be lighter than the old. If, however, depigmentation goes too far, the patient will have light instead of dark rings around the eyes. Unfortunately, these types of chemosurgery can sometimes leave the skin mottled or even scarred.

There does exist a non-surgical method of treating dark circles which involves the topical application of a prescription bleaching cream. I suggest you contact a reputable dermatologist.

A short time ago, one of the answers in your column dealt with the problems of a contact lens wearer. I have been wearing contacts for just a few weeks and am having a terrible time with eye makeup causing irritation.. Since I don’t want to stop wearing eye makeup, can you suggest a brand or line of makeup that is formulated, or at least suitable for contact lens wearers? Whether the eye is irritated by cosmetics introduced onto or under the lens, or whether excessive tearing causes makeup to run, many women who wear contact lenses experience complications brought about by the eye makeup they wear.

A timely introduction, then, is a line of hypoallergenic cosmetics by Trans-Canada Contact Lens Ltd., which may solve many such problems for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes. Manufactured in France, the line includes eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and a lotion for eye makeup removal.

The Eye Care cosmetic line is being handled by contact lens practitioners across Canada.

I would like very much to help my mother by finding a remedy for the brown age spots on the back of her hands. She has tried many things, though none of course, have helped. She does not feel comfortable without gloves. Please, you must know if there is anything available that will work.

Despite their name, you do not necessarily have to be old to have age spots. Flat, smooth and brown in color, these patches of skin are usually found on the face, chest and hands. They are caused by a high concentration of melanin and by overexposure to the sun. They are also completely harmless for there is no evidence that they are linked to cancer.

While store-bought bleaching creams containing hydroquinone, resorcinol, or salicylic acid can lighten pigment somewhat after very long and consistent use, a dermatologist can provide a far more potent, faster- acting preparation. In any case, both prescription and over-the-counter products are thought to work by suppressing the skin’s output of melanin and by limiting the number of pigment-producing cells.

Success with fade creams is greatly diminished by exposure to the sun. For best results, avoid the sun completely or protect skin with a strong sunscreen containing a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher.

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